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Having grown up with both his father and grandfather being musicians, and after beginning to play the drums at the age of 3 years old, it seemed to be in the cards that Gaze ill would end up making music. In 2000 his interest for electronic music production started growing after years of playing the drums within the genres of rock, fusion, jazz, and funk. Around 2008 he was drawn towards the UK underground bass scene - particularly Dubstep. A solo artist project took form, and a carrier began to shape with a discography growing quickly - today consisting of an approximate 20 digital releases/appearances, and the “first” handful vinyl releases on record labels as his own Danish imprint Cue Line Records, RDG’s Circle Vision, American Gourmet Beats owned by the legendary DJ Joe Nice, and American Tuba Records.

Gaze’s Cue Line Records was established in 2012, and releases have seen great support via features, reviews, and blog- and shop recommendations as well as placing at the top of the sales charts. The record label, and Gaze ill himself have been widely supported by prominent establishments such as DJ Mag, Mixmag, underground channel and genre-quality-stamping FatKidOnFire, Pack London, French SeekSickSound, DUPLOC, Infernal Sounds, Keep Deep, and many more.

Concerts include a long list of guest mixes on radio shows, his own previous radio show, performances at events and venues, where he’s played B2B and alongside names as N-Type, Walsh, Sgt. Pokes, Dark Tantrums, Bisweed, Slimzee, Tunnidge, RDG, Joe Nice, The Dub Mechz + more. Gaze ill has been representing his own imprint Cue Line Records at the legendary, annual Bass event ‘Bas Under Buen’ arranged by pioneers OHOI in the heart of Copenhagen in both 2014 and 2016. The “one day festival” is known for attracting an excited crowd of 10K people every year.

“The clue’s in his name - Gaze ill really is sick” (Juno Download, 2014).

Bas Under Buen 2016 · Gaze ill

In The Mix  · Guest Mix

Worth a listen is Gaze ill's guest mix for Subaltern Records' radio show on hosted by Mentha - recorded live August 4th 2016. The mix is highly dominated by unreleased and forthcoming music by himself, others, and Cue Line music. Track-list is available at the respective Soundcloud page .

Gaze ill returned to OHOI!'s legendary Bas Under Buen in 2016 - a yearly event that promotes Danish underground music with a focus on bass-heaviness. A long list of artists and DJs on the lineup, a huge Funktion One sound system, and an excited crowd of 10.000 people - that's all you need for winning awards for an event. Gaze ill has been representing Cue Line Records at the event in 2014, and 2016. Previous years the event has offered performances by Cue Line remixer Mic Rayn, and the recent addition to our vinyl releases, RDG.

Gaze ill


Owner of Cue Line Records


RDG & Gaze ill - Keepin' It Real (EP)

12" vinyl


In The Mix  · Exclusive GetDarker Mix

GetDarker had RDG in for an exclusive mix, and it's a definite need-to-check-out! RDG not only delivers a quality mix that's at his high level of standard, he also selects just the right tracks, and to top it off, we're listening to a great handful of exclusive and unreleased tracks from himself, and prominent names as K-Man. Track-list is available at GetDarker's  website - follow the link in the player.

Born and raised in the cold northern Danish countryside, RDG was introduced to music from an early age through his farther, and spent years as a kid collecting samples, playing with musical toys or listening to records - all of which continue to influence his productions today, through an incredibly vast sample archive and an exhaustive studio setup, both built up over the course of the past two decades.

With his relocation to Copenhagen as a teenager, RDG immediately dove into the underground music scene and heavily involved himself in music production, organised underground raves and put on nights at bars and clubs to further promote local producers, MCs and DJs.

Fast forward a decade and Ruben now successfully runs two record labels with over 40 releases combined, and has organised events at essentially every night club with a noteworthy soundsystem in Copenhagen, across multiple genres like Dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, techno, juke, garage, grime and many more.

As a producer and DJ he has released and appeared on a handful of vinyl releases, toured North America and Europe, and has had his music featured on major public and pirate radio in the UK, US and Denmark.

Having dedicated a substantial amount of his waking hours for the last 10 years to keeping underground music in constant motion, RDG is not slowing down and continues to inject his contagious, positive energy in music production, DJing, event promoting, radio hosting, festival organization and much more.



Portuguese 3WA has popped out, and into the Dubstep scene with continuously creative and boundary-pushing tracks throughout the past year’s time. The recurring thoughts when going through the sound of 3WA are creativity that’s out of this world, heartfelt crafts, and a strong feeling of something very true. 3WA joined Cue Line Records with a 2-track constellation - Immortal Combat in 2015.

3WA, Pedro Santos, has  pretty much set an agenda for what can be done within the genre of Dubstep. Always unique!


Quarta-Feira (EP)



Immortal Combat (2x single)


In The Mix  · Guest Mix

3WA Featured on London's Reprezent 107,3 FM, via Basspaths. His guest mix on the show was loaded with a fair amount of unreleased tracks from himself, others, and forthcoming music.

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