The label releases music on physical and digital format, with the physical product-line being vinyl. Vinyl- and digital catalogues plus podcasts are gathered at this space.

Vinyl Catalogue · CLV

Cue Line Records is about passion for music, and a point of view where a release is a piece of art. The future is set towards physical format releases - this being vinyl. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, in a family home full of records, formed a dream very early in life - to be able to release music on records.

The vinyl catalogue therefore is nothing but a sincere love for the great sound of this physical format. It’s all about making the beautiful art of music available with the detailed warmth and crispy sound it deserves.


Various Artists

Elements Part 1

Forthcoming June 22nd 2018 · 12" vinyl (180g) & digital

CLV004 © 2018 Cue Line Records


12" vinyl / 180g (heavyweight)

& digital

Grey discosleeve (cardboard)



A1. RDG & Cessman - Guidance

A2. Gaze ill & 3WA - Manipulated

B1. Binary & Zygos - Existence

B2. Murk & Shiva - Akousma ft. Rob



Redeye Records

Unearthed Sounds

White Peach Records



Written & produced: A1. by R. Nielsen & J. Cafun · A2. by S. Vosbein-Jensen & P. Santos · B1. by L. Bullock & G. Roumans · B2. by M. Accardi & G. G. Amodeo ft. R. Palazzolo. Mastered by R. Nielsen at Circle Vision · Artwork by Gaze ill · Cut, pressed & manufactured at Record Industry · Distributed by Triple Vision.

All Rights Reserved © 2018 CUE LINE RECORDS.



Sudd EP + DPRTNDRP Remix

Released March 2018 · 12" vinyl (180g) & digital


12" vinyl / 180g (heavyweight)

Black discosleeve (cardboard)



A1. Laicism

A2. Sudd

B1. Tapered

B2. Sudd (DPRTNDRP Remix)


Music written & produced: A1 / A2 / B1 / by R. Roumans · B2 remixed by

G. Bernocchi

Mastered by R. Nielsen at Circle Vision · Artwork by Gaze ill · Cut & Manufactured at Record Industry · Worldwide distribution by Triple Vision © 2018 CUE LINE RECORDS · All Rights Reserved.


Gaze ill

Space-Time (EP) + TMSV Remix

Released October 13th 2017 · 12" vinyl & digital


12" vinyl / 140g

Black innersleeve

Black 3mm spinned jacket-sleeve w/ holes



A1. Gaze ill - Space-Time

A2. Gaze ill - Mist

B1. Gaze ill - Spirit Of The Forces

B2. Gaze ill - Space-Time (TMSV Remix)


Written & Produced:

A1. / A2. / B1. by S. Vosbein-Jensen, B2. remixed by T. Roels. Mastered by R. Nielsen at Circle Vision · Artwork by Gaze ill · Worldwide distribution by Triple Vision © CUE LINE RECORDS 2017 · All Rights Reserved.

Gaze ill © CUE LINE RECORDS 2017

Support & Reviews:

Mixmag / DJ-Mag / SeekSickSound / Juno Download / FatKidOnFire / Keep Deep / Infernal Sounds / Pack London + many more...

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RDG & Gaze ill

Keepin' It Real

Released October 28th 2016 · 12" vinyl & digital


12" vinyl / 140g

Black disco sleeve (cardboard).



A1. RDG & Gaze ill - Keepin' It Real

A2. RDG & Gaze ill - The Zone.

B1. RDG - Shapeshift

B2. Gaze ill - Combo

CLV001 - Artwork Side A © CUE LINE RECORDS 2016
CLV001 - Artwork Side B © CUE LINE RECORDS 2016
RDG & Gaze ill, 2016 © CUE LINE RECORDS 2016


Written & Produced: A1. & A2. by R. Nielsen & S. Vosbein-Jensen B1. by R. Nielsen, B2. by S. Vosbein-Jensen. Mastered by R. Nielsen at Circle Vision · Artwork by Gaze ill · Worldwide distribution by Triple Vision © CUE LINE RECORDS 2016 · All Rights Reserved.

Support & Reviews:

Mixmag / FatKidOnFire / / Keep Deep / Infernal Sounds / White Label Magazine /+ many more...

Mixmag, 2016


Infernal Sounds, 2016




FatKidOnFire, 2016

"Here’s an impressive quartet of booming dub heaters from RDG & Gaze ill"


"Having already stacked an armoury of weight digitally, they couldn't have chosen a better way to kick things off that this full collaboration project between boss man Gaze Ill and Circle Vision head honcho, RDG."


"Our friends from Denmark RDG & Gaze ill have teamed up to bring the first twelver on Cue Line Records. Their 'Keepin' It Real' EP has four wicked tracks; two collaborations backed by two individual productions."

Digital Catalogue · CLNR

Featured releases from the digital catalogue.



Warped Dub (EP)

Released Jan. 8th 2018

▶ Label Debut:

It’s a great pleasure to welcome London based artist Teffa as a new signee on Cue Line Records. He’s been on the label’s radar for quite some time, and it’s a proud moment to share the news of his forthcoming release on Cue Line.


▶ Warped Dub (EP):

It seems so natural for Teffa’s music to always be original - a very differentiated sound that’s all his own - and his debut release on Cue Line Records is no exception. The ‘Warped Dub’ EP offers four brilliant tracks, all with depth both regarding the dubstep music’s crucial sub bass frequencies and regarding the mood and feeling throughout. All four tracks are special, and all four tracks are somehow “warped” in their own way, which make each of them so unique. Tribal and punchy with edge!


▶ Tracklist:

1. Tribe Dub

2. Phone Tapes

3. Warped Dub

4. Up In Smoke CLNR021

Format: digital

Written & produced by E. Ovcaruk · Mastered by S. Vosbein-Jensen · Artwork by Gaze ill · Worldwide distribution by Triple Vision.



▶ Check out Teffa's mix from the label podcast series CUE LINE REWINDS.

Supported by Keep Deep / Infernal Sounds

- Featured in Best Of The Week - Dubstep at Juno Download Jan. 12th 2018.

- No. 2 Bestseller at Juno Download - Dubstep Charts, Jan. 2018

- Featured in Best New Bass, Jan. 2018 at Beatport

- Leftfield Bass-Page Feature at Beatport, Jan. 2018

- Staff Pick at Beatport, Jan. 2018


Review by Juno Download (Jan. 2018):

"After a relatively lengthy hiatus, our main man Teffa returns to our charts with a side-winder of an EP for the ever-impressive Cue Line, making this its 21st release to date. Kicking of with the wayward "Tribe Dub", we're flung deep into a world of electronic bass steppers made up of the same ilk as Mala's original sound. "Phone Tapes" and "Warped Dub" are similarly heartical killers, engulfing the entire framework with cavernous levels of sub-bass and dread-spirit, leaving "Up In Smoke" to roll its menacing dubwise scatter over a slew of itchy percussion and dreadlock nuttiness. TIP!"


Audhentik & IAm5erious

Room Of Truth (EP) w/ Gaze ill Remix

Released Jun. 1st 2017

Review by Juno Download:

"It's a German ting: Audhentik returns to Gaze Ill's Cue Line with fellow countryman "IAM5ERIOUS" for three stony chasm sessions. "Murderer" flexes a fairly warm skank considering its violent title, but be careful - there's danger in those moody bounces. "Room Of Truth" sees the duo scaping a much starker 4am sound that's enshrouded by cosmic fog. "Fyah" completely their triptych on an authentic roots tip, pipes and all. Finally the label boss gets ill with his deft twist up on "Room Of Truth". Dank."



1. Murderer

2. Room Of Truth

3. Fyah

4. Room Of Truth (Gaze ill Remix)


Supported by Keep Deep

Featured in Juno Recommends Dubstep, July 2017

Featured in Beatport's Best New Bass, June 2017 & Best New Dubstep, June 2017.




Released Mar. 20th 2017

Review by Juno Download:

"Two consecutive shots fired on Cue Line's digital series: 3WA follows up last year's "Immortal Combat" with three new smoulder sessions. "Entao" lets the undulating sub do all the talking the beats space themselves as far out as possible. Things get progressively heavier; "Weednesday" hints at the promise of a foggy sesh before dropping into a sharp, industrial strength groove while "Bye Bye" fuses elements of techno and UK funky into the mix with demolishing results. Pure thunder."


Words by Infernal Sounds:

"Out to the Cue Line Records gang, once again pushing the vibes and bringing deepness from 3WA. This one, 'Então' was the pick of the release for me, throwing down some abstract shouts between percussion-based rumbles."


1. Então

2. Weednesday

3. Bye Bye


Supported by Infernal Sounds / Keep Deep

Featured in Best Of The Week Dubstep/Grime - Juno Download, March 2017.



Immortal Combat

Released Sep. 12th. 2016

Review by Juno Download:

"Following a long line of luminaries such as Drew's Theory, John Matrix and Chad Dubz, Portuguese bass-smith 3WA makes his Cue Line debut with two unique constructions: "Skeleton Symphony" rattles the bones with its active bassline that buzzes up and down the spectrum with a raw sense of funk. "Royal Rumble", meanwhile, invites us to step in the ring with some wily percussive fighting talk, crafty sample use and tripped out reverse techniques. Head-bending."


1. Skeleton Symphony

2. Royal Rumble


Supported by Infernal Sounds / Keep Deep

Featured in Juno Recommends Dubstep, October 2016



Chöd EP (with Mentha & Taztical)

Released Jun. 13th 2016

Words by Infernal Sounds:

"Here we premiere one of the tracks of the next release on the mighty Cue Line Records. The track we've featured is this immense collaboration from Mentha & Audhentik, leading a real ancestral line and playing very much so on the drums and the tribalistic vibe..."


1. Audhentik - Chöd

2. Audhentik - Perforation

3. Audhentik - Intensity

4. Mentha & Audhentik - Selenium

5. Audhentik - Intensity (Taztical Remix)


Supported by Infernal Sounds / Keep Deep



Warm Space EP (with Jobanti & Murk)

Released Nov. 2nd 2015

Review by Juno Download:

"Deep dubstep, Italian style; Shiva pays homage to bass music's most essential ingredient - space. Rolling with roomy revolving rhythm, his percussive, physical groove is peppered with processed vocals that help to maintain momentum in a very refreshing, future-focussed way. Looking for something a little more classical? Jump on "Mantra", a gloomy, sludgy halftime number it's not dissimilar to a Distance cut. Murk's remix of "Warm Space" is similarly dark, demonic and unhurried. Spacious."


1. Shiva - Warm Space

2. Shiva & Jobanti - Mantra

3. Shiva - Warm Space (Murk Remix)


Supported by Keep Deep



Sound The Horns EP (with Audhentik)

Released Aug. 3rd 2015

Review by Juno Download:

"This EP is billed as a journey through dub-inspired music, taking inspiration from global sounds and world music on a quest to create some truly zen dubstep (while remaining deep as all hell). The title track is a dubbed-out melodic symphony, getting things started right. For everyone wondering where our warm subby modulation was going to come from, let "Fire" take the release on a fathoming dive. "Explosive Device" creates some diversity, bringing in some energetic bassline work - this is Ziplokk's answer to a dancefloor smasher. "Burst Mode" takes on the dub again and closing the EP is Audhentik's edgy remix of the title track "Sound The Horns" straight out of Berlin. Get to know."


1. Sound The Horns

2. Fire

3. Explosive Device

4. Burst Mode

5. Sound The Horns (Audhentik Remix)


#2 Bestseller at Juno Download (Aug. 2015)

#1 Bestseller at Digital-Tunes (Sep. 2015)

Supported by FatKidOnFire / Keep Deep


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More Music

Check out the label-Soundcloud space for more music.




In November 2014 the podcast series 'Cue Line Rewinds' was launched with support from Keep Deep. The series is aimed at promoting artists on the label roster, and each volume features a mix by a Cue Line artists.


The content is always 100% the artist's own material - originals, collaborative tracks, features, and remixes - enabling the label to set each mix up as a showcase.



sound of the artists


Teffa // Gaze ill // Ziplokk // Arkwright

Vol. 4 // Teffa

It’s a great pleasure to announce London based artist Teffa as a new signee on Cue Line Records. He’s been on the label’s radar for quite some time, and it’s a proud moment to be able to share the news that he’s got a release forthcoming on Cue Line. It seems to be coming naturally to Teffa’s music to always be original and unique - a very differentiated sound that’s all his own. Cue Line’s conclusion: Teffa is underrated, and a definite “get-to-know” artist.

To welcome Teffa to the label, he’s on the 4th episode in the podcast series “Cue Line Rewinds”, a podcast aimed at pushing the sound of the artist. 100% the artist’s own music, hereby offering a showcase of Teffa’s Sound.

Enjoy the 28:13 minutes of tough bass, and stay locked for info about his release!


01 - Teffa - Inversion

02 - Teffa - Tek Di Wah

03 - Teffa - Hi Fi

04 - Teffa - Loner Stoner

05 - Teffa - Ohm

06 - Teffa - Tribe Dub VIP

07 - Teffa - Rattletrap

08 - Teffa - The Chase

09 - Teffa - Platoon

10 - Teffa - Szzr

11 - Teffa - Faulty Line

12 - Teffa - Rolling Backwards

Vol. 3 // Gaze ill

With exclusive and unreleased music that's been sneaking into various radio shows as the Gourmet Beats Show hosted by Joe Nice and the Subaltern Records Show with Mentha, it's safe to say that this vol. is an anticipated mix by label owner Gaze ill - a showcase of his unreleased material.


01. Gaze ill - Define

02. Gaze ill - ???

03. Gaze ill - Clean 131

04. Gaze ill - Emperor

05. Gaze ill - Inverse

06. Gaze ill - ???

07. Gaze ill - No Correction

08. Gaze ill - Jungle Z

09. RDG & Gaze ill - Keepin' It Real

10. Gaze ill - Space-Time

11. Gaze ill - Combo

12. Gaze ill - Crusher

13. RDG & Gaze ill - Reverse Blank ft. Cessman

14 Gaze ill - Spirit Of The Forces

Vol. 2 // Ziplokk

The 2nd volume in our podcast series. This time we bring you German Ziplokk for a 100% showcase mix. There's plenty of new and unreleased material in this mix, and it's an absolute pleasure hosting it!


01. Ziplokk – untitled [Dub]

02. Ziplokk – untitled [Dub]

03. Ziplokk – untitled [Dub]

04. Ziplokk – Fire

05. Ziplokk – Mesyst [Dub]

06. Ziplokk - untitled [Dub]

07. Ziplokk – Burstmode

08. Shu & Ziplokk – Dubthing

09. Ziplokk - Orbiter [Dub]

10. Ziplokk – Bleep [Dub]

11. Ziplokk – Community

12. Ziplokk – Explosive Device

13. Shu & Ziplokk – Karakoram

14. Ziplokk – Proximity

15. In:Before & Ziplokk – Predator [Dub]

16. Shu & Ziplokk – Phurba [Dub]

17. Ziplokk – Sound The Horns

18. Shu & Ziplokk feat. Talabun – Who Are We

19. Luc Masera & Ziplokk – They Move away

Vol. 1 // Arkwright

The first mix in our podcast series 'Cue Line Rewinds'. The series is music by the artist only. Take a journey through the sounds of Arkwright.


01. Arkwright - Dirty Sean

02. Arkwright - Quarry

03. Arkwright - The RiverMan

04. Arkwright - Settle VIP

05. Arkwright - point 6

06. Karnage, Mark IV & Kloudmen Arkwright Remix

07. Arkwright - Dally

08. Arkwright - Beyond

09. Arkwright - Captive

10. Arkwright - 1 Redemption

11. D-Operation Drop - Dank Sheltah (Arkwright's Cavern Remix)

12. Arkwright - Solution

13. Arkwright - Level Head

14. Arkwright - Hunter

15. Arkwright - Tribal's Dead

16. Arkwright - Solvent

17. Arkwright - Ryder

18. Arkwright - Outward

19. Arkwright - Hang Tight

20. Arkwright - Down

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Independent Record Label · Copenhagen, Denmark · Est. 2012 / Owned & run by artist Gaze ill

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